Sindh Energy Holding Company

Mr. Abu Bakar Ahmed
Secretary Energy  Department, Government of Sindh
Director, CEO Sindh Energy Holding (Pvt) Limited

Province of Sindh is blessed with tremendous energy resources and has been contributing its resources ever since to boost the energy supply in the country. This energy resources embrace Hydrocarbon potential, Coal and Renewable energy.

SEHCL was incorporated on 19th, March 2014 as a wholly provincially owned company with the idea of investing and creating new energy projects to enhance the energy production and attract and encourage local and foreign investment in Sindh. We always take positive initiative to facilitate and encourage the investors to explore in Sindh province. Another strategic objective of this company is to implement latest technologies in hydrocarbon exploration, alternate energy projects, and coal based power projects.

We are highly motivated to contribute our share in growing energy needs and will be glad to play our part responsibly in deriving benefits, for the whole country to enjoy, from the God given natural resources to counter the energy crisis. We aim to become the foremost energy company in the country by using innovation and state of the art technology in the field of energy.

It is my wish and hope that with our positive endeavors we will make this company a prominent player in energy sector.