Sindh Energy Holding Company

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh


Minister Energy Sindh


In today’s technologically advancing world and era, continuous and sustainable energy, is the backbone of economic development and growth. Without total energy security the economic progress and prosperity of the country remains unstable and at stake.

The blessed land of Sindh is rich in almost all energy resources that are being utilized to meet energy requirement in the present time. Whether it is Oil & Gas, coal, wind or solar; Sindh has a potential to economically and commercially generate energy from these diverse sources.

It is the ardent desire of Government of Sindh to harness all these God given resources and make this province the power house behind the industrial development, economic growth and prosperity of the nation. Thus Sindh Energy Holding Company Limited has been formed to invest in creating new energy projects and encourage, through facilitation and joint ventures, other local and foreign investor to increase their interest in the energy sector. As a proof of our commitment, Sindh Transmission and Dispatch Company which is a subsidiary of Sindh Energy Holding Company has recently commissioned its transmission line from newly established Nooriabad Power Plant.

I personally have high expectations that this initiative will live up to our ambitions and I am confident that the competent management of Sindh Energy Holding Company (Pvt.) Limited will leave no stone unturned in achieving their objectives. I wish them all the success in their future responsibilities.