Sindh Energy Holding Company

Mr. Sajid Jamal Abro
Chairman Sindh Energy Holding (Pvt) Limited

Key to economic progress is the potential of a country’s resources that supports its current and future economic activities. Nowadays, Energy is the basic requirement of almost any economic activity. Without a continuous, uninterrupted and sustainable energy supply, it is close to impossible for a country to even dream of economic progress. Electricity, and in turn fuels to generate that, have become the staple for any economic venture. Sindh has diverse energy resources in ample quantities which must be commercially exploited in a calculated and responsible fashion to cater for our expanding energy requirements.

Government of Sindh has proven its commitment, to make Sindh the power house behind the country’s progress, by incorporating and holding majority stakes in this initiative. Sindh Energy Holding Company has been created on a novel concept to consolidate all energy related businesses under one umbrella, for the ease and convenience of the implementation and regulation of projects undertaken. It ensures quick execution of initiatives through its subsidiaries coupled with transparency and a sense of security to investors. The company in a very short span of time, is already involved with several projects in the sectors of oil & gas exploration, renewable energy, and electricity transmission and dispatch.

I have full confidence in the management of the company, and trust that they are able, competent and dedicated to aims of the company and will do everything in their power to deliver what is expected of them.