Sindh Energy Holding Company

The petroleum sector in Sindh province, Pakistan, holds significant potential due to its substantial reserves of oil and natural gas. Sindh province is home to some of the country’s major oil and gas fields, and the development of this sector could have positive economic and energy-related impacts 
There are the following exploration blocks of SEHCL:


Shahbandar Block

• Area : 2470 Sq Km • Districts: Sajawal and Thatta • Petroleum Zone: II

Hub Block

• Area : 1448.9 Sq.Km • Districts: Lasbela, Khuzdar, Jamshoro, Karachi • Petroleum Zone: II

Khipro - East Block

Area : 1662.5 Sq. Km Districts: Sanghar and Umarkot Petroleum Zone: III

Zorgarh Block

Area : 2402 Sq. Km Districts: Kashmore, Ghotki, Derabugti, Jaferabad and Rajanpur

Ranipur Block

Area : 2379 Sq. Km Districts: Larkana, Khairpur, Nausharo Feroz Petroleum Zone: III

Khewari - East

Area : 1415 Sq Km Districts: Khairpur Petroleum Zone: II

Sujawal South

Area : 1914 Sq Km Districts: Sajawal and Thatta Petroleum Zone: II

S.W. Miano III